Industrial and technological practice

One hour of practice costs more than dozens
hours of the theory

Industrial practice for students of the specialty “Applied Mathematics” is an integral part of the process of their professional training. On the production technology practice students need to improve their skills in programming, design and implementation of databases, as well as maintenance of computer equipment. The practice was conducted on modern enterprises, IT companies and organizations equipped with the corresponding hardware and software of computer systems and networks. During practice students successfully familiar with different types of application software, improved their skills in software development, providing interesting and meaningful projects with PHP, Java, C #, Python, etc …!  
For each student, this was not an easy stage in his life, since it was necessary not only to apply his professional skills, but also to learn to work with the team. Everyone was introduced to the innovative approaches and organization of the company. It was a difficult but very interesting stage in the life of the student and they coped well with him.
We are proud of our students and wish to further realize their creative ideas and intentions …