Main directions of work

Cycle Boards Vocational and practical training (specialty «Applied Mathematics»

was created in 2015 in accordance with the Provision on the organization of educational process in higher educational institutions and with the purpose of more effective and purposeful training of future junior specialists.

Educational and methodical problem, over which the cyclic commission works

Formation of the professional competence of a future specialist in applied mathematics through the use of information and communication technologies in the educational process.

Main areas of work

The cycle commissions are:

  • the introduction of person-oriented and subject-oriented learning technologies and innovative forms of organization of educational process aimed at improving the quality of students knowledge;
    improvement of the methodology of various forms of control of knowledge and skills as one of the most important elements of the educational process;
  • ensuring the conformity of educational and methodological support to the state standards of education, updating and replenishment of the complex of methodical provision of educational disciplines;
  • Improving the methodology of independent work of students as a factor ensuring a high level of preparedness of the future specialist;
  • formation of motivation of professional competences in the teaching of subjects of professional training;
    improvement of the teaching methods and implementation of the integrated approach to the study of disciplines, taking into account professional competences;
  • active work of study disciplines;
  • raising the level of professional and pedagogical skills of teachers.